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What Is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing quite simply is using social media platforms like facebook or twitter among others along with websites to market online your products or services. Almost all of social media platforms have tools built in to analyze data, which helps companies to track the engagement of traffic, the progress and success, of their digital marketing ad campaigns. Online companies engage with a range of stakeholders through social media marketing. Keeping in touch current and potential customers and prospects and the general public.

Strategically social media marketing is the implementation and managing of a marketing campaigns on social platforms, with aim to build and establish a company's’ desired social media presence and culture. Using social media effectively, company can engage prospects customers and Internet users in real time with online comments, product reviews, etc. Social media marketing is often associated with companies, and organizations that are using in social media marketing for their programs or services whether those companies are big or small, nonprofits or government agencies.


What Can Social Media Do For Your Business?

There is roughly 75% of the world's population on social media. It has been used for everything from keeping up with friends, to marketing a business, to the spark of the Egyptian revolution in 2011.

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